Boiler Servicing for my home

If you are wondering if your boiler needs servicing, it probably does!

How Often Does My Boiler Need Servicing?

Your boiler should be serviced every 12 months. To maintain optimum performance and best efficiency from your heating you should have the boiler serviced every year, even if the boiler was only installed within the last 12 months.

Our boiler servicing package is the best value servicing product for your boiler and home heating system.

If you can’t remember the last time your boiler was serviced it is probably ready for a check up. Our team of fully trained engineers can be with you within 48 hours to give you peace of mind that your heating is as efficient as possible for your home. Energy efficiency and a safety performance check each factor in to our service packages as standard.


If your boiler is within warranty and the service deems it necessary that some new parts are needed, some parts within the boiler will be covered by the warranty. Our engineers will advise on this if this is the case.


Our boiler services start from £80 and include all signed off paperwork on completion for your assurance and peace of mind.


Don’t delay, if it is time for your boiler service then book today by calling our team or email us on  [email protected].


The Big Boiler Shop Service Contract – for added peace of mind, convenience and service for your home heating

Service Contract

What happens if I don’t service my boiler?

If you choose to not maintain your annual boiler service on your home property, just look at what can happen. In only 5 years, this new boiler went from efficient heating machine to broken down and redundant, simply because the boiler never had an annual service.

You must have you boiler service annually to avoid any scary moments like this!

Why you may want to consider adding a power flush to your service.

A power flush is a brilliant way to maximise the efficiency and performance of your heating system. Most people have this carried out during the boiler installation but if you didn’t, don’t worry! You can have a power flush as part of your boiler service, just ask us for more information when speaking to our team.

This powerful video helps you see just how effective a power flush can be on your system.

You can see the blog post associated with this video, explaining more about why a power flush may be beneficial to you right here