The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

What is the cheapest way to run my boiler?

Save money on your heating this winter by running on low.

Do you want to save money on your heating bills this winter? We do too!

Using less gas = spending less money!

These money saving efficiency tips can be implemented by every boiler owner to save you money immediately and make sure you are running your heating as cheaply as possible with your existing system. 

How to save money on your heating gas bill this year

There are several improvements you can make to your heating system to save money on your bills this winter and across the year. Without adding other energy saving devices as listed below, one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to run your central heating at the lowest temperature possible. There is a control on the front of your boiler with a range between around 30C – 80C.

What is the best temperature for my central heating?

We recommend that most properties will heat up perfectly well during winter with the heat setting somewhere between 58C – 68C.

Please note that this is not the air temperature controlled by the room thermostat but the temperature of the water running through your pipework and radiators. By running the boiler at a lower temperature you burn less gas per hour. The room temperature then remains more stable and closer to the target temperature.

You can automatically control this temperature by installing an Outdoor weather stat or a Smart Thermostat, please read more about these devices in the next section.

5 ways to maximise the efficiency of your heating system

What extra controls do I need to add to my central heating system to make it run efficiently?

As long as the minimum requirement of Time & Temperature control have been installed then there is no legal requirement for any other device. Dependant on the size of the property, adding some extra controls will pay for themselves in energy savings within a year or so.

Remember: Smaller properties have lower heating bills so will take longer to return the cost of other devices.

1. TRV’sThermostatic Radiator Valves have been common for 20 years and are now a legal requirement in new build properties. A common problem with TRV’s is that people just don’t use them correctly and leave them fully open in most rooms. Try turning them all down to level 2 then turn each TRV up a level until the room is comfortable.

*Please note if your property was built before the year 2000, installing TRV’s is certainly advisable but not required by the building regulations.

2. Outdoor weather stat – Otherwise known as weather compensation technology, has been around for a while now. 

In brief, its a thermostat on the outside of your property that will change the output of the boiler in milder weather. Smart Thermostat’s now provide this information for the boiler without the need to install an “Outdoor Stat”. If these Smart thermostats are too sophisticated for the user then an “Outdoor stat” is still a good investment.

3. Smart TRV’s – There are a number of brands such as Honeywell & Worcester Bosch that have designed TRV’s capable of more accurate temperature control and individual time control. This allows for zoning of each room in the house, creating superior levels of comfort & energy saving.

4. Smart Thermostats – What is a smart thermostat? Do I really need one?

Internet controlled thermostats such as Hive, Nest, Vaillant V-Smart and Worcester Wave have become very popular in the last couple of years. The idea of being able to turn on your heating via a mobile app before you get home is certainly useful if you are getting home at different times of the day or night.

We install all of the smart thermostats highlighted here, be sure to let our engineers know if you would like a smart thermostat as part of your installation!

Smart thermostat range from Big Boiler Shop

The benefits of having a smart thermostat in the home

The real benefit to be had is the improved energy efficiency when you are actually at home. By building on weather compensation technology, smart thermostats that connect to the internet can “modulate” the gas valve and lower the boilers heating output temperature, resulting in lower gas bills.

A simpler way of describing this is that when its warmer outside, the boiler automatically lower’s its radiator temperature for you. When the weather gets colder, the boiler increases its radiator temperature.

The heating industry has got its heads together with this innovation and come up with“Open therm technology”. This is a common language between devices that allows a third party control such as Nest or Hive to “talk” to the boiler to give you the best chance at saving money on your gas bill by installing a smart thermostat in your home.

5. Full home automation – If Smart Thermostats & TRV’s sound cool, these same companies are developing a whole house solution, that can combine with smoke / CO alarms, turn on your lighting, operate your door locks and providing CCTV videos all to a handy app on your phone. 

Future ways to efficiently heat your home

Who knows where technological innovations will take us in 5 to 10 years in the heating industry. All we know is, with the competition in the market the way it is, it is only a good thing for the consumer. With gas prices rising from the main providers, all the manufacturers will be racing to find new ways to effectively manage your gas output and your heating needs.

Next steps for choosing a new boiler for your property

If you need a new boiler installation for your property, we can offer bespoke advice to your individual needs.

We are rated number one for boiler installation in the region and have over 400 5 star customer reviews. We are accredited installers for all the leading manufacturers which means we can offer you the best, impartial advice on the right installation for your home.

Contact us today or call 0800 170 1889 for more information.

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