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  • We offer a number of options allowing you to choose the boiler that fits your budget.

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Big Boiler Shop Pro-Heat & Plus

Our Pro-Heat Range has been put together for home owners with the most popular options that we have been asked for in recent years. This choice of boilers is suitable for small to medium sized properties with no more than one shower using hot water from the boiler. The 24 & 25kW options will supply hot water of around 10 litres per minute which is more than enough for the thermostatic shower and to meet all obligations of providing hot water.
If you would prefer to give the tenants a little extra hot water, say for instance to run the bath a little quicker or supply the kitchen sink you should choose the larger 30kW options.
30kW boilers produce around 12.5 litres per minute.
If you would prefer to look at boilers capable of 2 showers at the same time please look at our Cosy Home Plus Range ( Link )
f you need a boiler that can produce more than 2 showers at the same time please look at our Cosy Home Extra Range ( Link )

Long Warranties from Accredited Installers

The Pro-Heat Range of boilers come with a range of warranties allowing you to choose a boiler warranty that suits your mid to long-term plan for the property. As approved Installers of all brands that we list you can be assured that you will get the maximum warranty or guarantee available and that our engineers are supported by the manufacturer if ever needed. In order to gain membership of the manufacturers approved and accredited list, our engineers will have attended annual Installer training courses to improve their own knowledge of the products. This will allow us to not only offer the best possible heating solution’s for the customer’s property but also give the Installation team the required knowledge to set your new heating system to the best possible levels of efficiency.
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