The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

What is a power flush and why should I consider one for my boiler installation?

Day two of a new boiler installation in Sheffield – Ideal Instinct (Esprit) 24kw with Power Flush

You can see from the content of this video the huge benefit of having a power flush on your system. But what are the main benefits of power flushing your system either during your boiler installation or during your annual boiler service?

Well, firstly, having a clean system helps you get the most out of your new boiler or your existing heating solution. Over time, your heating system will most likely pick up an incredible amount of dirt and gunk that comes from your radiators in the form of natural rusting or dirt from the incoming water. The particles in the water can stick to your system and will make the waterflow and heating operation less efficient and effective. You may notice warm patches and cool patches on your heating system. Power flushing will help prevent patchy heating and can contribute to a more comfortable, all round heat distribution.

Secondly, a well managed and clean heating system makes your boiler the most efficient it can be. This can help save money, use less gas and help your boiler function easier, putting less strain on the system overall – improving the quality of life for your boiler.

To find out more about a power flush for your system, be sure to contact us. you can find the Ideal Esprit model we installed for this customer right here. Get a fixed price quote for your boiler installation today!

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