We have created the cosy home plus range, allowing homeowners to compare the very best Combi boilers on the UK market
suited to properties with one or two bathrooms. These boilers come with 7-10 years parts & labour warranty as standard and at least 12 months homeowner help and support from our friendly staff.

 The Cosy Home Range range allows you to choose a boiler output (kW) suited for your property. The larger 38-42kW options are more than powerful enough to supply 2 showers with hot water at the same time. All these boilers come in size outputs of 25-42kW which in layman terms gives you enough hot water for a decent shower and a little extra for the kitchen sink on the higher output models.

Originally launched back in 2014, the new Ideal Vogue Gen 2 boiler was released in March 2017.
The new version has improved on a already impressive user display. The Gen 2 Vogue now comes with 8 years warranty as standard unless installed with a Ideal magnetic filter, which increases the warranty to 10 years.

The Vaillant Plus range ( 8 series ) has been Vaillant’s premium boiler for many years. With 7 years manufacturers warranty as standard  you now have the option to upgrade to 10 years when installed by a Vaillant Advance company.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Classic is the premium boiler the nations most well known boiler company.
Get 10 Years Guarantee when installed with Worcester magnetic filter and a Worcester Thermostat such as Wave.
The 42 CDi Classic has a impressive 17 litres of hot water output per minute but is large in size compared to other wall hung boilers.