The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

The regions most reviewed boiler company

Freephone: 0800 170 1889

[Video] Why you need to service your boiler – a real life example!

Do I need to service my boiler?

Have you ever considered saving a few quid by postponing your annual boiler service thinking it’s one of those things you can just ‘put off until next year?’

Stop! If your boiler service is due or has never been serviced, you must watch this video to see what can happen to your boiler if you do not maintain a service record on the system.

Do new boilers need servicing?

If your boiler is old, new or just been fitted, you need to have a boiler service every year. Your annual boiler service should be booked to maintain your boiler efficiency, check for defects and to make sure your heating is performing as well as it can be. A boiler service also keeps valid your manufacturer warranty, which, in this case, was voided as the boiler had never had a service!

What to do if your boiler needs servicing?

Don’t worry! If your boiler needs servicing, simply contact the installer or give us a call (0800 170 1889) to discuss your needs. You can contact us online here or find us on Facebook too!

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