Ideal Boiler – a great choice for your new boiler

The Ideal Boiler is our most popular boiler brand. Choose an Ideal Boiler Installation if you are looking for a reliable and robust New Boiler Installation suitable for all budgets and requirements.

Ideal Boilers are:
100% manufactured in the UK
Proud of their reputation for reliability
Second to none in customer service
Backed by 100 years of experience

100 Years of Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boiler Installation SheffieldIn 2005 the company celebrated “100 years of innovation, evolution and industry expertise.”

They started their proud history of innovation and ability to identify their customer’s needs with the revolutionary ‘Cookanheat’ in the 1920s. This freestanding stove “combined an open fire, central heating boiler, cooking oven and hot cupboard all in one unit”. It’s a truly remarkable piece of ingenious engineering and set the tone for the company’s track record of providing low cost, reliable central heating for people’s homes.

Ideal started manufacturing Gas Central Heating Boilers in the 1940’s, and have produced a succession of reliable, affordable boiler installation solutions over the decades, making them a household name and a first choice for landlords and homeowners alike. Some models, such as the Concorde from the 1970s, can still be found fully working even today!

Ideal’s current new boiler range includes high performance, 90% efficient Logic combi boilers that combine state of the art technology with compact design. As ever, the company continues to evolve ever better ways of heating our homes whilst taking care of our wallets, and the environment.

A UK Boiler Manufacturer

Ideal is a UK based manufacturer. The Ideal Boiler plant in Hull, England is a fully self contained production line installed with automotive production quality technology and processes. Their meticulous assembly process guarantees that every Ideal Boiler installation is 100% tested and working and fault free. You can be sure that when you have an Ideal boiler installed there it will be nothing but reliable for years to come, the company has made sure of it! You can find out more about the manufacturing process here.

So as you can see, an Ideal Boiler is an excellent choice for your new boiler. You can see the full range of boilers for installation in our online store: See full boiler range.